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Ours is an extensive menu, with first courses following the Italian cuisine, conveniently in tune with brief flashes of internationalism: because the Olivo Restaurant and Pizzeria in Verona is just as cosmopolitan as the downtown that hosts it; because the Olivo is alive and exciting like all of its fully enhanced flavors.

The Olivo Restaurant, in the center of Verona, is also known for its fancy salads conceived as unique dishes and its creative combinations, because the Olivo is the place to get surprised and guided by flavors created by expert chefs, a place to live a joyful and lively experience with the air of joie de vivre.

Combine our dishes with the right wine or finish up your lunch or dinner with delicious homemade desserts coming from our confectionery traditions.

The Olivo is a restaurant for any occasion, with cuisine rooted in the traditions of the city of Verona but updated by the skillful touch of novelty to make it ours, unique to the Olivo Restaurant. Cuisine that captures the first-fruits of the earth as seasons change. Cuisine that reappraises the most popular dishes of the Mediterranean diet that so pleases the people of Verona as well as tourists, Italians and foreigners.